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In-person & live streaming worship available every Sunday at 10:15 am!


I know that we are all eager to return to worship in person and have supported the work of our Task Force and Session as they have negotiated the waters of our health and safety, as well as our continued mission as a Christian witness to our community. I deeply appreciate the patience and support that you all have shown over these past few months in which we have experienced a completely unique moment in our history as a faith community.

At our July Session meeting, the Session passed a unanimous motion to “open the church for Sunday worship on August 30, contingent that live stream equipment be in place.” This is exciting news!

What this means in practice is that we have already started putting into motion the elements that will bring us safely together again, looking to August 30th as the goal for our first in person worship during COVID. Realizing how important our online services have become and wanting to continue that availability for those who still feel safer at home, we will live stream the service. This represents a significant investment of our resources and time that have already been committed. If our live streaming package and readiness are waylaid (which hinges on products that we have ordered being delivered in a timely manner), we will postpone our in-person service until we can live stream.

In broad strokes, (details for the service in particular will follow as we close in on our August date) our plan is this:

  • We will follow the normal indoor meeting protocols outlined by the state and the CDC. Masks will be worn indoors, bathroom visits will be limited, hand sanitizer will be available, social distancing during worship will be in place.
  • Our live streamed service will be available as a video after the service concludes. Those wanting to tune in can do so any time during the service or afterward.
  • We will have an RSVP system in place for worship attendance. In the beginning, the deadline for this sign-up will be August 12th, giving our worship teams a few weeks to ensure that we are ready to accommodate all of those who wish to join us for worship (overflow seating is also available).

There are many details that we will publish in the coming weeks, but hopefully this gives an outline of what to expect. This new way of worshiping during the pandemic, and our new live stream option are also creating a new opportunity to take part in worship as a volunteer leader!

We will need you! Not only as a new team for the livestream emerges (Contact Heather if you are interested! We will be having special training for all our ‘tech’ folks), but also as our new worship practices will lean on the work of new “Worship Assistants” who will do the work of welcoming and seating people, being the guides for our congregation in these new practices around worship. We won’t be able to worship together without the support and help of our church family!

I am so deeply thankful for the enormous volume of work that so many hands have done in getting us to this point. The research, meetings, conversations, and prayer that have brought us here have been an incredible work of love for our congregation and our larger worshiping community. Our Task Force, our Session, our Staff and our Worship Ministry team have done as they always have done, met the issue at hand with grace, intelligence, creativity, and love. Their labor is a blessing to the way in which we will continue to express our faith and bear witness to the Gospel.

We will have more information in the coming weeks detailing how to RSVP and what to expect as we walk back through the doors. If you can volunteer to help, please reach out to Linda Wentz or to Heather as we gather our servants! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our leadership or to me.

Looking forward to this new period of worship in the life of our church!

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Christopher

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