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Communication Basics

Why We Do What We Do
The goal of communications at TCPC is to clearly and effectively serve as the voice of the church; to connect individuals to the ministries within our walls and to our greater community.

Getting the Word Out
When it comes to promoting your event, we want to encourage you to think creatively about getting the word out. More than just relying on larger communication channels to generate all of the interest, think about how you can reach out to get others involved. Relational connections go farther than you think! When we connect with those around us, they care about the things we care about.

Please note, before submitting a Promotion Request,  all church-sponsored events must first be scheduled and added to the church calendar through the Church Office.

  • What is the name of your event or ministry?
  • Include details on what people can expect and the purpose of the event or ministry

All announcements are subject to editing for length, clarity and consistency by the Communications Specialist.

Your Promotion Request Form is needed two weeks before your promotion begins.
For updates to current announcements, changes are needed by the end of day Monday.
Website updates should be submitted two weeks before needed up on the site.

For visuals, handouts or brochures, special presentations, and videos, please talk directly to the Communications Specialist about your ideas. Based on capacity, design and priority, we will let you know what is possible.

Registration Events
If you are promoting an event requiring a signup or registration, you are responsible for providing the paper signup. If you prefer a digital signup form or have questions about that possibility, please talk directly with the Communications Specialist.

Channels of Communication
-Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
-Website Ministry Pages
-Website Events Calendar
-Weekly eNews
-Children & Families weekly eNews
-Weekly paper newsletter (and mailings for homebound members)
-Announcement Slides in Sanctuary
-Monitors in the Commons
-Realm (Signups, messaging within ministries)
-Paper Handouts & Brochures (Ex. Welcome Packet)
-Spoken Announcement
-Moment for Mission
-Paper Signups
-Word of Mouth

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